Hemken Honey Co.

W229 S7120 Guthrie School Rd.  ​Big Bend, WI   53103

​Business phone:  262-662-2843


Pure, Raw Honey

from Wisconsin

12oz bear       $ 6

1lb dripless     $ 9

24oz skep      $12

3lb jug           $24

5lb jug           $35

Comb honey   $12

2015 Package Bees

2lb Carniolans from Olivarez Honey Bees in CA

Pick up at Hemken Honey Co in April

Package cost = $92, plus a $4 cage deposit.

Orders & money must be received by March 1, 2015

Call to order

Andy Hemken

414-531-8220 or 262-662-2843

Orders will be confirmed by phone or email.  

Pure Beeswax Candles

Candles and beeswax prices vary based on size. 

Please call for information.

We have recently added more

candles to our selection.    

Thank you for your patience while we update the website. Look for us at the farm markets to see them all!

1 lb glass      $  9

2lb glass       $16

3lb glass       $24

5lb glass       $38