Field Day*



*This is intended for current or serious, potential beekeepers only.
Small groups will learn beehive basics, best practices, using tools, smokers and other bee equipment.  New beekeepers will learn how to open, inspect and work on beehives.  

No charge for the field day.

 Beginning Beekeeping Class* 

February 4, 2023

​     $75 per person
     $30 for one additional, direct relative

This class will cover the basics of beekeeping and is geared for new beekeepers.  We will attempt to explain what honeybees do and how they do it.  This is presented in an informal style, intended to fill the new beekeeper with information to start or help manage their own hive/s. Each class size is limited to insure better interaction and understanding. There will be plenty of opportunity to look at equipment/supplies, ask and discuss.

* Includes class and book to take home; light meal, munchies and beverages.

Classes & Workshops:

All classes and workshops are held at Hemken Honey Company

Classes will be of interest for new beekeepers or people who are are considering keeping bees.

FOR INFORMATION OR TO SIGN UP for any classes:  Email or call 414-531-8220

​​​​Hemken Honey Co.

W229 S7120 Guthrie School Rd.  ​Big Bend, WI   53103

​Business phone:  262-662-2843


Andy Hemken has over 25 years experience in beekeeping and is now a small commercial beekeeper. He is past President of the Milwaukee Waukesha Beekeepers Association, a regular contributor for the American Bee journal, and has been a professional trainer for 30 years.

Andy is a mentor for many new beekeepers.  He conducts school and community presentations. He volunteers to supply bees and maintain beehives at the Milwaukee County Zoo and other locations. 

​He has worked with many municipalities in Wisconsin to establish reasonable guidelines for keeping beehives. 

Our son, Scott Hemken, has been a beekeeper since he was about 5 years old. He has a passion for bees and all things in nature.  He is a valuable helper for the family hives. He maintains many of his own hives to support his interest in infused honeys, tinctures and many varieties of mead.

Scott is a knowledgeable and enthusiastic teacher for beginning beekeepers, customers and friends!!