Hemken Honey Co.

W229 S7120 Guthrie School Rd.  ​Big Bend, WI   53103

​Business phone:  262-662-2843

Collecting a swarm

Thanks for checking out our website. 

We hope to see you soon!

Finally, a shameless plug for our kids,

the original Hemken Honey's.

The kids have all had turns hauling, painting and scraping equipment. "Done time" sitting at farm markets, promoting sales, answering questions and listening to beekeepers talk. Most of all, they have supported their parents as we navigate this interesting, crazy, passion we call Bee Keeping!

The Grandkids have no idea what lies ahead!

Feeling Blessed,

Andy & Cheryl Hemken, Owners

Presentation for a school group

in  downtown Milwaukee.

Sharing a passion with the next generation

Installing Packages.

New beekeepers and experienced teachers!

Gathering honey supers.